Covid safe mobile Massage

Hand sanitizer and mask on a table

Your safety is our top priority

Our client’s and our therapist’s safety and wellbeing is our top priority when it comes to delivering in-home therapy and massage services. We protect our most vulnerable and immunocompromised members of the community by adhering to Australian Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines as well as our own COVID Safety Plan.

We are a fully vaccinated team of therapists who care about protecting our client’s wellbeing and safety. We continue to wear masks and endeavour to keep up to date with the global health climate and follow massage industry standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us.


COVID Safety Measures In Place

During our time when we are in your home, we will take care of you and your health as carefully as possible. Below are some examples of how we protect you, us, our vulnerable community members and our loved ones:


All Mobile Therapy Tasmania therapists are fully vaccinated

Hand Hygiene

therapists follow Hand Hygiene and Australian Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines

Wipe downs

all frequently touched surfaces are wiped down before leaving (door handles, switches, chairs, tables, etc)

Personal protective equipment

Gloves and respirator face masks worn by therapists and provided for clients if needed

Strict work policies

no illness or exposure to close contacts for on duty therapists


All therapists carry their own alcohol based hand sanitiser and paper towels

Temperature treated towels and linen

all towels and linens washed at 60 degrees Celsius

How can you prepare for an in-home massage treatment?

Massage therapists have a duty of care to protect their clients from transmission of COVID-19. This can be particularly challenging for your in-home mobile massage therapist because their work involves travelling between settings where they have less control over COVID risk mitigations such as ventilation. There are some simple things you can do to help your massage therapist provide COVIDsafe treatments in your home.

1. Choose a large, well ventilated room for the treatment and open the windows for at least 30 minutes before your appointment. If you can find a suitable outdoor area, even better.

2. Turn off air-conditioning and heating systems that recirculate air. If you have an air purifier, have it running in the treatment space.

3. Make sure other members of the house stay away throughout the treatment, unless specifically needed to facilitate the treatment

4. Wear a mask. Your therapist will be wearing a respirator mask (N95/P2)

5. Cancel your appointment if anyone in the household has been directed to isolate. Tell your therapist if anyone in the house is unwell.

6. Get vaccinated for COVID-19. Current evidence shows that you are 20 times less likely to infect your massage therapist if you are vaccinated.

Hayley visiting aged care massage client
Hayley giving aged care massage