Mobile aged care massage

Our mobile aged care massage services

When providing mobile massage to our more senior clients, we exercise great care. These massage services cater for elderly clients who have specific health goals and needs.
Our mission is to support our older clients to maintain independence and mobility and regain confidence in self-care.

We modify each massage to provide the safest and most effective treatment in their home. We don’t rush things. We determine what equipment to use is best to deliver the treatment and adjust our approach whether be using their bed or our massage table, or maybe as simple as using a dining chair for a seated massage or recliner chair for a foot massage. Nothing is too difficult for us.

Everybody deserves access to massage therapy

We deliver mobile massage services to Tasmanian community members who aren’t able to travel easily. As well as providing services to elderly clients through home care packages, we can also assist with others who have mobility challenges and suffer from chronic illnesses or pain or fatigue related symptoms.

Aged care massage client in Hobart receiving a neck massage

Listening and companionship

We listen and are compassionate, and allow for clients to talk about anything they want or enjoy silence if that’s their preference. For the hearing impaired, we ensure we speak clearly.

We work with carers and family members to help coordinate care for example obtaining medical information or making or changing bookings. We work with clients and carers to ensure that reminders work in each circumstance, particularly for clients with dementia or memory challenges.

Mobility assistance

Each of our elderly massage clients have different mobility needs and levels of comfort when it comes to assistance. We listen carefully to ensure their wishes are adhered to whilst maintaining safety.

We ensure our clients are safe and as comfortable as possible when walking from one place to another. We can help them use their walking aids and allow them to use us as their support when lying down or sitting up. When helping from sit to stand, we take direction from clients and carers and family members to ensure appropriate care is delivered.

Extra attention, care

and respect

We ask what our clients are comfortable with and obtain verbal consent every step of the way.

We can assist clients to remove clothing and footwear if required and ensure modesty is maintained when draping.

After each massage, we watching for dizziness and offer up a glass of water to rehydrate. We make sure they are comfortable and have what they need to rest before we leave.

Home care package massages

We work with carers, family members, care coordinators and support workers to help home care package recipients get the most out of their services.

For our aged care clients, the initial consultation booking is made with one of our experienced aged care massage therapists. During this appointment, we complete an assessment which includes a health intake, postural assessment, risk assessment and treatment plan.

When this initial booking is confirmed, we notify the client’s care provider. We will call each new client the day before to confirm and screen for COVID questions asked.

We will make sure we answer any questions they have before we arrive and deliver their massage treatment.

aged care massage at home
Mobile massage therapists in Hobart

Ready to find out more?

The best way to find out more about our aged care massages is to book a quick discovery call. If you’re a support worker, carer or family member we can discuss your patient or family member’s needs. If you’re booking for yourself, we just need to ask some questions to make sure we can help and provide you with a massage that meets your needs.